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Anirudh Deshmukh is an Indian singer, songwriter, performer and musician, currently based in Mumbai. An Architect by education, he switched paths to pursue Music in 2017 and has since found a steady footing in the industry.

A familiar name in the Music circuit of Mumbai, he has been a regular on the stages in the city over the last few years. With over 300 live performances to his name and a growing YouTube presence, Anirudh brings with him a spectrum of sounds – one that ranges from intense, and power packed live performances to one that is ideal for the easy listening and intimate vibes.

More recently, Anirudh has diversified to expand his musical presence and horizons online. US-based social media app Clubhouse onboarded Anirudh as their global app icon in November 2021, making him the first Indian to become the face of the app since its launch. Anirudh joined Clubhouse in early 2021 and by spring, had launched his now 76.1k member club “ANIRUDH”, where he hosts his nightly show called the “Late Night Jam”. Musicians, poets and audiences from India and across the world come together to share their love for these arts and life experiences! 

He was also chosen as part of the first cohort of 6 Indian creators for Clubhouse’s Creator First Accelerator Program in India.

Deshmukh was recently invited as a celebrity guest to feature on the 3rd season of Indie Hain Hum, a collaboration between T-Series and Red FM built to support and cheer fresh, experimental voices from across the country. Anirudh featured alongside Vishal Mishra for the 8th episode hosted by Sachet Tandon and Parampara Tandon.

An up-and-coming Indie Musician, Anirudh’s music is defined by his ability to write in a way that is easily relatable. The lyrics, inspired by real life situations, coupled with his soothing compositions remain at the forefront of his musical style.

His debut single Besabriyaan (released in December 2020) was the first in a series of songs that he is releasing – one that he has said, “takes the listeners through the journey of a love lost all the way through to acceptance.” Rolling Stone India ran an exclusive feature for the release and premiere of the song and its official music video alongside an intimate interview with Anirudh. The Score Magazine, an Indian pan-genre magazine, reviewed the song as “an interesting take on finding meaning out of heartbreak, thankfully with less toxicity.” Besabriyaan was also picked up by the Indian radio giant Red FM 93.5 and was played across 36 cities in the country.

Rehnuma, his second original (released in May 2021) built on the story of his first song. A slow acoustic ballad, Anirudh planned the song to act as an interlude between his first and what will be his third release. The song was extremely well received and went on to feature on multiple playlists on release day itself across Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. Akarsh Shekhar (The Score Magazine) wrote, Rehnuma is “an ode to the latent power of acoustic music, a peek into the wonder that exists between the wood and the steel”. The song was also featured across various renowned music publications including Rolling Stone India and Indian Music Diaries. The song was featured on Radio City Freedom and picked up by Red FM 93.5’s Red Indies Shuffle segment too!

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Anirudh’s second single Rehnuma, released on 14th May 2021, is a song about fading love. A slow acoustic ballad, the lyrics are accentuated and brought to life by a simple arrangement with the piano and flute. ‘Rehnuma’ inches forward the story started by his debut single.

Says Anirudh, “Rehnuma builds on Besabriyaan in a way where the song becomes an interlude between the first and third songs. It is a song relevant for anyone who has loved and felt loss of that love”. The song packs within it a surprise for the listeners, one he is eager to see their reaction to!

Rehnuma is written, composed and sung by Anirudh himself while Lokesh Dadhich has played the flute. The song has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Pranshu Jha at his studio in Mumbai, India.

The song is currently streaming on all major digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and JioSaavn among others.

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